Transgender and Genderqueer People, Their Families and Spouses


Transgender and genderqueer people and their families sometimes struggle with a number of complicated issues:

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  • Living with secrets and understanding yourself
  • Coming out to family, friends, community, and in the workplace
  • Parenting
  • Being a partner or spouse of a genderqueer or transperson
  • Isolation

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  • Experiencing acceptance and searching for role models
  • Defining what transitioning means for yourself
  • Connecting with competent, validating healthcare providers
  • Poor self esteem or negative thoughts about your body
  • Sexual health, negotiating safer sex, and relationships


Effective counseling and psychotherapy can help identify pressures and develop thorough strategies by relying on an individual’s personal strengths and inner resources. The work we do together will be about exploring a path that corresponds to your goals.